Help us build WOO!

Earlier this summer, we raised $62,302 through Indiegogo in an attempt to buy our building. People from all over the country and the world came together to help us try to secure our spot in Baltimore. Unfortunately, we did not raise enough money to get the building. But with the money that we did raise, we will focus on building WOO and worry less about WOO's building for the time being. We will use some of the funding to purchase tools and dust collection, to build more shop furniture and storage, and to save for future plans. We still have time on our current lease, and we will keep everyone updated on whether we are able to extend that lease, and what the future holds. No matter what, we are here in Baltimore to stay for a long time.

If you would like to help us build WOO, via a monetary donation, you can do so by clicking on the button below.


WOO is a woodshop dedicated to providing a welcoming space for women and gender nonconforming furniture makers. By donating to WOO, you are supporting a socially-focused and community-oriented company. We are not a non-profit organization: we are a start-up small business. We hope to be a benefit both to our local community and to our larger professional community for years to come.

In-Kind Donations and Sponsorships

WOO is always happy and grateful for help with building our space and filling it with awesome tools and lumber. Do you have extra tools, office stuff, skills or enthusiasm that you'd like to donate? Please email Sarah Marriage, sarah@aworkshopofourown.com, or stop by one of our Events to volunteer or just learn more about our project.