June Wood of the Month: Walnut!

Scientific Name: Juglans nigra (American), or Juglans regia (European)

Walnut is best known for its dark reddish-brown to purplish-black heartwood, which makes it a prized wood for fine woodworking projects and often gunstocks.  Its straight grain, durability, and all-around toughness also make it ideal for building musical instruments, turning, and carving, and veneering. And better yet, the walnut tree provides you with a snack while working!

Some health risks can include an irritation to the nose, eyes, and throat, so use a dust mask if need be.  Walnut dust can also discolor the skin when exposed to sweat (known as ‘walnut hands’), but lemon juice can be used as a quick and easy remedy for this.

Walnuts in two forms

Walnuts in two forms


Featured maker: Teresa Audet, www.teresaaudet.com

Teresa Audet makes furniture, utensils, andother objects in Minneapolis, MN.  This jewelry box, made from solid walnut, is a lovely example of the material’s workability in carving and hand-cut joinery.